Learning Pathways for education

Learning Pathways makes it easy for teachers and instructors to create reading lists for students and learners.

Learning Pathways features a tree of subjects organised by area, the Library. All pathways which appear in the Library are moderated before publication, and cannot be changed after publication. This means that browsing the Library is safe for students and learners.

We built Learning Pathways to make sharing reference lists easy. A speaker can make a learning pathway containing the references from their talk. Papers can be added very easily by searching for their title. We use up-to-the-minute paper search from Semantic Scholar.

The learning pathway can then be easily shared with the audience via its web address, such as learning-pathways.org/pathway/j0x8m4h0q7/faster-than-light-communication.

Learning Pathways offers support for educational organisations to host private learning pathways and share then with attendees. Contact us on for more information.