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We use an intuitive classification system, the Library, to organise learning pathways. Explore the Library on the home page.

Suggestions for new categories are welcomed.

Explore a learning pathway
A learning pathway is a collection of related learning resources: web pages, research articles, books, videos, podcasts, or courses. A learning pathway provides an expert's view of a learning journey, making new areas easily accessible. Research papers are shown with their abstracts, and linked to Google Scholar and Semantic Scholar.

Some example pathways are shown here:

Create a learning pathway

Learning pathways are free to create and share. New learning pathways are private by default and do not appear in the Library. You can share a private pathway by sharing its link. If you tag a pathway with a category and publish it, it will be added to the Library. Pathways are always moderated before publishing.

To add a web page, just paste the link and the web page's title will be added. To add a research paper, simply paste the title to find the paper details using Semantic Scholar.

Crowdsource knowledge

You can allow others to add learning resources to a pathway by making it publicly editable. This allows contributors to work together on a learning pathway.

If you are teaching a course or giving a talk, creating a learning pathway is a useful way to share references easily with your audience. Learning pathways are designed for use on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Since all pathways in the Library are moderated before publication, Learning Pathways is safe to use for all ages and in an educational setting.

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