The Relationship Between Politics & Fashion in the 21st Century
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Maya Singer
Why Fashion is More Political Now Than Ever Before
Jade Bremner
Loud and clear: the art of political dressing | Fashion | The Guardian
Emma Beddington
2021The Guardian
Fashion and politics go hand-in-hand – here’s why | Dazed
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Fashion and Politics
Djurdja Bartlett
2019Yale University Press
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British Fashion Council
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Talia Smith
The Politics of Fashion Studies
Christopher Breward
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University of Illinois
2022University of Illinois
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University of Exeter
2022University of Exeter
What Does Fashion Have to Do with Politics? Everything
Angela Velasquez
2021Sourcing Journal
What does it mean for fashion to be political in the 21st Century? - Cherwell
Timea Iliffe
The new frontier for fashion and politics | Vogue Business
Vogue Business
What Does it mean to be Political with Fashion in 2019?
Zoe Whitfield
What Does it mean to be Political with Fashion in 2019?
Zoe Whitfield
The Power of Political Dressing
Shraddha Desai
2022Fashion and Law Journal
Does fashion still know how to talk about politics?
Lorenzo Salamone
2021NSS Magazine
Governmental garçons: how politics turned French style on its head | Fashion | The Guardian
Alice Pfeiffer
2016The Guardian
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How politicians dress around the world - YouTube
J.J McCullough