Digital interventions for mental health care
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Digital Interventions in Mental Health: Current Status and Future Directions
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Co-design of eHealth Interventions With Children and Young People
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A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy–, Biofeedback-, and Game-Based eHealth Intervention to Treat Anxiety in Children and Young People With Long-Term Physical Conditions (Starship Rescue): Co-design and Open Trial
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Social isolation, mental health, and use of digital interventions in youth during the COVID-19 pandemic: A nationally representative survey
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Repeated Psychosocial Screening of High School Students Using YouthCHAT: Cohort Study
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Depression screening via a smartphone app: cross-country user characteristics and feasibility
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MoodHacker Mobile Web App With Email for Adults to Self-Manage Mild-to-Moderate Depression: Randomized Controlled Trial
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Anxiety: There is an app for that. A systematic review of anxiety apps
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Evaluation of a commercial mobile health app for depression and anxiety: A retrospective cohort study of AbleTo Digital+ users (Preprint)
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App-based psychological interventions: friend or foe?
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A Smartphone App (BlueIce) for Young People Who Self-Harm: Open Phase 1 Pre-Post Trial
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Mobile Health Technology Interventions for Suicide Prevention: Systematic Review
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Mental Health | Step-by-Step: A guided WHO digital mental health intervention
World Health Organization Eastern Mediterranean Region
Implementation of digital health interventions for people with psychosis or bipolar disorder - YouTube
The Lancet
Mental Health Apps: What to Tell Patients: An Evaluation Model Created Specifically for Such Apps Can Help Guide Your Discussions
J. Torous, John Luo, S. Chan
Mental Health Messages in Prominent Mental Health Apps
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Psychology and Surveillance Capitalism: The Risk of Pushing Mental Health Apps During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Can mental health apps be effective for depression, anxiety, and stress during a pandemic?
Robert L. Longyear, K. Kushlev
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Digital Interventions for Mental Disorders: Key Features, Efficacy, and Potential for Artificial Intelligence Applications.
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Mobile Mental Health Apps from the National Center for PTSD: Digital Self-Management Tools for Co-Occurring Disorders
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User Experience, Engagement, and Popularity in Mental Health Apps: Secondary Analysis of App Analytics and Expert App Reviews
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Smartphones for Smarter Delivery of Mental Health Programs: A Systematic Review
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Apps, Avatars, and Robots: The Future of Mental Healthcare
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Apps With Maps—Anxiety and Depression Mobile Apps With Evidence-Based Frameworks: Systematic Search of Major App Stores
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Barriers to and Facilitators of User Engagement With Digital Mental Health Interventions: Systematic Review
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Digital technologies and mental health - YouTube
eSafety Office